Enrico Romitelli

Maestro del Boot since 1979

An exeptional artist who constantly implements new ideas.

He learned his trade from the ground up.

Each of his products are unique


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Franziska Seidl

International Grad-Prix Dressage rider and member of the Dressage Team of Switzerlandbegradigt berr uns Kopie

Dressage judge up to Grand-Prix

I met Enrico Romitelli at an international show in Vienna.

His boots have inspired me the first time i saw them, so I wore Romitelli boots for two years and they were fantastic in terms of fitting my foot and style.

Everywhere I went, I have been asked about my new designer riding boots and received lots of compliments.

Many of my clients, friends (including jumping and hobby riders) now have Romitelli boots and are verry happy with them.

To bring these unique products to a wider audience, I have decided to represent Romitelli boots.

I am convinced that you will love these professional and comfortable riding boots with style!