How to measure

It is best to obtain assistance from a second person!

Apply for measuring jodhpurs, according to habit with or without knee socks


Here is a video how you measure correctly


 Please measure in standing, so that the foot is loaded and the calf is stretched.

Shank end Mass No. 1
Measure just below your knee

Calf girth Mass No. 2
Measure around the widest part of your calves
(If you order your boots with elastic, measure your calf girth rather more narrowly because all the boots by wearing slightly expands)Mass nehmen englisch

Ankle Mass No. 3
Measure just above the ankle

Heels Mass No. 4
Measure precisely to the complete heel around, fix the tape measure, by standing with your heel on it

Rist Mass No 5
Measure the circumference at the highest point of your instep

Ball Mass No. 6
Measure the circumference of your bales by standing on the measuring tape

Shank Mass No. 7

Measure standing. With slightly knee bent, at the back side of the leg, just below the knee down to the floor
Important: You should never measure too low because all the boots lower slightly by wearing them!